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AARP Experience Corps Q&A

Frequently asked questions

What do Experience Corps members do?

Experience Corps members work in schools and community centers to provide literacy tutoring, mentoring, and attention to those children most in need. In addition, Corps members work with teachers, administrators, and youth workers to develop projects, such as parent involvement campaigns and library book drives, which benefit entire school and organizational communities. Experience Corps members often assume leadership roles by acting as team leaders and initiating new projects that meet critical needs.

Who are Experience Corps members?

Experience Corps members come from all walks of life and are age 50 or older. People interested in becoming Experience Corps members are asked to complete an application and be interviewed. Participants are chosen based on their willingness to participate in all aspects of the program and on their enthusiasm for working with children.

What type of previous experience do Experience Corps members need?

Experience Corps members do not need to have any specific experience to participate. Experience Corps seeks to build on the unique strengths and talents of each member. The program provides many opportunities for ongoing learning and skills development, including pre-service training in topics critical to successful service with children, team meetings, monthly in-service training, lectures, field trips, conferences, and reflection.

How much time must an Experience Corps member commit to service?

All Experience Corps projects provide opportunities for making a substantial commitment to service. The time commitment varies according to the volunteer’s availability and choices. Typical Corps members serve approximately 10 hours a week for a minimum of one school year. The program asks for a minimum commitment of 6-hours a week for one school year as consistency is critical for the success of the students we work with. Experience Corps members may move from one commitment level to another as their life circumstances change. In return for providing intensive service, Corps members receive a small stipend designed to cover transportation, lunch and service-related expenses.

How long do Experience Corps positions last?

Every Experience Corps member is asked to commit to the program for at least one full school year.