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Assisted Living

Assisted Living programs focus on quality of life, independence, dignity and wellness of being.  Each program is customized and designed to be inclusive, and celebrate the diversity and unique character of each community we serve. 

Our assisted living program services are designed to help residents remain in their apartment homes and independent for as long as possible.  These programs provide participants with around-the-clock supervision by healthcare staff and other professional staff, as well as assistance with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) provided by universal caregivers onsite.

Marion was encouraged and inspired to live again at our North Park Plaza senior housing complex.

Marion once thought her life was over, but is now a member of the "Funsters" social group at North Park Plaza and is helping other seniors live vitally.

Our Assisted Living services are available at three locations

  • 97%

    of our participants are satisfied with our Assisted Living program

What are the advantages?

We accept a wide range of low-income seniors

Seniors retain more financial control compared to a nursing home

They stay in the community and are independent