Bar None volunteer opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Bar None Residential Treatment Services. We are seeking volunteers in various areas to help us fulfill our commitment to youth and their families:

Spirituality volunteers

Assist in the weekly Spirituality Group Sessions held on units.  These Spirituality sessions focus on helping our residents to establish core values and utilize the viewpoints of and information from many religions and spiritual traditions.  Opportunities to assist with weekly Bible studies or Christian based Chapel services on agency are also available.
Contact: Bob Bledsoe, 763-753-2500.

Youth mentors

Begin a friendship with residents needing a stable, positive adult role model in their lives. Must be 21 or above.
Contact: Call 763-753-2500


Available for those attending college in need of internship hours.
Contact: Bob Jones, 763-753-2500,

Speciality volunteers

Assist with one-time projects on agency such as spring landscaping, painting, etc.  If you or a group of individuals are looking to volunteer your time for an afternoon or weekend.
Contact: Terry Malecha, 763-753-2500,

Group leaders

Run specialty group sessions, such as AA or NA groups, or groups focusing on areas of diversity relevant to our youth (Talking Circles, GLBT, etc.).
Shannon Amundson, 763-753-2500 ext 347,
Amanda Luedtke, 763-753-2500,