Home-based CTSS Q&A

Frequently asked questions

How can I make a referral to the Volunteers of America Home-based/CTSS Program?

To make a referral to the Home-Based/CTSS Program, please contact the Mental Health Clinics offices at 763-225-4052.

Will my insurance pay for Volunteers of America Home-based/CTSS Program services?

Medical Assistance and Pre-Paid Medical Assistance Programs cover Home-based/CTSS Program services based on certain eligibility requirements. Also, certain private insurance plans cover our Home-Based/CTSS Program services. Please contact our office at 763-225-4052, or your insurance company, to determine your benefits/eligibility for Home-based/CTSS Program services.

How would my child/family qualify for Volunteers of America Home-based /CTSS Program services?

Eligibility screening for the Home-based/CTSS Program takes place during the referral call to the Program Director. If your child meets certain criteria (seriously emotionally disturbed or emotionally disturbed, at risk of out-of-home placement, returning from out-of-home placement, and/or has significant functional impairments at home, school and/or in the community) your family/child is probably eligible for the program. Home-based/CTSS services are also available for particular clinical purposes as determined by your therapist. A comprehensive diagnostic assessment is completed to best determine recommended services for your child and family.

When is Volunteers of America Home-based/CTSS staff available for appointments?

Business office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Appointments are scheduled to meet the needs of our clients.

Where do Volunteers of America Home-based/CTSS Program appointments take place?

Appointments for Home-based/CTSS Program services generally take place in the environment where your child has functional difficulties, which may include home, school or community. Appointments may also take place at one of our clinic locations.