Foster Care

Hope for a child's future


Foster Care provides residential care to emotionally and/or behaviorally disturbed children who cannot live with their birth parents. The Foster Care program also develops, implements and monitors individualized care plans to meet the unique needs of these children. Additionally, we recruit, train, monitor and support participating foster home families who provide care to foster children. Our foster homes are located throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area within a 60-mile radius of our program office.


Office: 9220 Bass Lake Rd, Suite 305, New Hope, MN 55428
Foster homes: Individual foster homes are located within a 60-mile radius of our program office


Children, birth to 21 years of age, who have emotional and/or behavioral disturbances and cannot live with their birth parents

Office Hours

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Call 952-945-4168 during regular hours for intake

“When I graduated and moved away to go to college, it was exciting. At Christmas I went back to visit my foster parents and it was like coming home.”

—John, former Foster Care youth

How we help

We serve children who need a home other than that of their birth parents, and typically have behavioral or emotional issues requiring therapeutic foster care. Extensive support services are provided to assist these children in being successful at home, school and in the community. A plan is developed for each foster child with goals in the areas of independent living skills, mental and physical health service, education, crisis support, and spiritual and cultural needs. Specialized foster care families are supported by a social worker that assists them in developing goals and implementing a plan for each foster child in their care. This social worker visits the foster home twice a month (minimum) and conducts a review of the goals every three months.


VOA-MN offers a monthly stipend to assist with reimbursement of a foster youth's needs - living space, clothes, food, travel, sports, camps, etc. This stipend is comprised of a per diem rate based on age and an additional rate based on the level of care/needs necessary for the youth. As part of a MN-Department of Health Services requirement, licensed foster parents must have their own form of income that meets the needs of their family members without the reimbursement of foster care. VOA-MN foster parents also receive 14 days of "respite" per year in which the youth may stay in another licensed foster home and both sets of (respite and regular) foster parents will be reimbursed for the time spent in respite.

For more information, contact Jill Melaas — Foster Care Manager
Phone: 612-210-2164