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Hmong DayElders Q&A

Frequently asked questions

How does a person enroll in the Hmong DayElders program?

Prospective participants, or their caregivers, may contact the Hmong DayElders manager, Chuseng Vue, to arrange for an in-home assessment.

What is a Hmong DayElders individual care plan?

Each new Hmong DayElders participant meets with staff to determine short and long range goals based on the participant’s needs and abilities. Next, an individual care plan is developed to help each participant accomplish their individual goals. Progress is monitored weekly and modifications to the plan are implemented quarterly. Additionally, an annual reassessment is performed

What are the eligibility requirements for the Hmong DayElders program?

Hmong DayElders participants typically have limitations of mobility, stamina, and/or cognitive functioning. Additionally, many have one or more chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart/circulatory diseases, arthritis, lung disease, depression, or early dementia.

To be eligible for the Hmong DayElders program:

  • 55 years old, or older*
  • Need (or could benefit from) support during the day
  • Ambulatory (Those who use a wheelchair or a walker must be able to move around independently)
  • Able to eat independently, or need only minimal assistance
  • Able to use the restroom independently and manage incontinence products independently
  • Do not wander
  • Do not have a communicable disease
  • Not actively psychotic, or chemically dependent
  • Not likely to harm others

    *If an individual is younger than age 55, in some cases he or she might be eligible for the Hmong DayElders program. Please contact the Hmong DayElders manager to discuss the individual’s specific situation.