Life lessons from the outdoors


Students from VOA High School learned winter camping skills and how — not just to endure — but to thrive in the elements. This trip was boys only, to Wood Lake in the BWCA. The girls are next.

The group explored, went ice-fishing, sledding, learned about the biology of the lake, and prepared their food over the open fire. They returned home with pictures to show and stories to tell about the wonders of the northern Minnesota wilderness. Next up, the girls will try to out-do the boys on a backpacking and snowshoeing adventure at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. Some of the girls are already studying the best methods to build their own shelters to sleep in.

VOA High School is an alternative education initiative serving Minneapolis Public School students. The program's Service Adventure and Leadership Team (SALT) component develops and promotes leadership skills, community building and experiential learning by moving the experience into natural and urban environments outside the classroom.

Volunteers of America of Minnesota and Wisconsin is proud to have the support of the Walser Foundation, funded by Walser Automotive Group, which has provided funding to increase participation in this year's experiential learning trips.