Michelle at home


Michelle wakes up, makes breakfast, takes her puppy Mimi out for her morning walk. Might not be noteworthy until you know the rest of the story.

This is the first time in her 30 years that Michelle has been alone, in her own place. For the last three years, Michelle has lived at our Milaca Living Center in Milaca, MN. While there, Michelle was encouraged to pursue her dream to live in her own apartment, with Mimi for company.

The staff at Milaca Living Center went to work to help make that dream a reality. New daily goals were designed to prepare her to live independently. The staff, Michelle and Michelle's mother also worked to train Mimi to be the great soul mate and roommate that Michelle needed.

Now in her new apartment, Michelle says, "I am really happy here!" She has gone from 24-hour supervision to needing just 10 hours of weekly assistance from Volunteers of America's Services for People with Special Needs (SPSN) staff.