VOA High students learn from walking history books



Do you remember the day Martin Luther King died? What sort of technology did you have in the 60s?

Those were two of the questions posed by social studies students at VOA High School recently, in one-on-one conversations with a willing cadre of older adults. Ruby Pearce (left) partnered with Alexis, who used his smart phone to take notes. Patricia Cudinski (left) collaborated with Marco, who used more traditional tools. The result was the same, history brought to life and new friendships formed between generations.

The innovative oral lessons were conceived by VOA High School social studies and phy ed instructor Kris Bulander and executed by members of RSVP and AARP Experience Corps, which are managed locally by Volunteers of America – Minnesota. In all, 11 older adults contributed their time and memories and 30 students soaked up every word.

Was it a success? “We’ll find out,” said Kris, “when the students submit the projects they’ll be working on, to apply what they learned in their own lives.”