VOA-MN foster parents awarded state-wide honor



VOA-MN foster parents Willie and Anita Wright have been recognized as Foster Parents of the Year, by the Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies (MCCCA). Anita and Willie are pictured here with one of the five children for whom they are currently serving as foster parents.

Click here for the complete nomination, which beautifully describes the care that more than 60 infants have received in their home over the past 19 years. The nomination reads in part:  

The Wrights often have newborns who are born addicted to several drugs. The withdrawal process is a time if great unrest and crying. The little bodies stiffen and have tremors. The presence of Anita and Willie has comforted many babies as they recover from opiates or methadone. There are also often physical, occupational, speech, and early childhood therapists at the foster home. Anita has alerted social workers that one of her little bundles of joy has a problem that she will not let go unattended even at a very young age. 

The Wrights are molding a person for life, providing foster care for some of the 48 children who are currently placed by 
VOA-MN in foster homes. If you know of a potential foster care home, please contact Community Family Supports.

VOA-MN is one of the private organizations that comprise the MCCCA.