Sara C. Danielson CFPS

Certified Family Peer Specialist

Location/ Program

High Fidelity Wraparound Program

Joined VOA


Engagement Approach

I partner with families who are participating in the Wraparound process. My primary role is to help families navigate complex systems in which they are involved and make sure their voices are heard. Wraparound exists for the families, and I bring to it compassion that is necessary for these families to work toward healing and hope. Through my lived experiences, I can empower the families I work with in Wraparound to gain their own independence and to begin to trust their own intuition and skills.

Areas of experience and interest

As the parent of 6 children and grandmother of 4, I bring with me life experiences in the areas of parenting children with mental health challenges and learning disorders. I have personal experience in raising a child that is developmentally delayed, and another who is on the Autism Spectrum and is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I have firsthand experience with 504/IEP specialized educational needs, suicide interventions with teens, alcohol and drug addiction within family units, as well as mental health challenges in families. I also have firsthand experience with homelessness, job and food insecurities, LGBTQ+ topics, divorces, and trauma. 

Specialty Training and Certifications

Certified Family Support Specialist (CPSS) - Minnesota
Certified Family Peer Specialist (CFPS) - Minnesota


Bachelor of Science English – Mississippi State University
Master of Special Education (Behavioral and Emotional Disorders) - Augsburg College