Senior Nutrition Q&A

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the Senior Dining program?

To be eligible for our Senior Dining program, individuals must be 60 years of age or more. There are no income restrictions.

How do I make a Senior Dining lunch reservation?

To make a reservation for a Senior Dining lunch, please contact the specific dining site three days prior to the day you want to attend.

What is the cost for a Senior Dining lunch?

The suggested contribution for the Senior Dining program is $4.00 per meal. All donations are confidential.

What if I can’t pay the suggested donation of $4.00 for a Senior Dining lunch?

The $4.00 donation is a suggested contribution to help offset the cost of the meal. If an individual cannot contribute $4.00 per meal, we suggest the individual discuss their situation with the site coordinator to make other arrangements. Individuals who are unable to pay will not be turned away.

If I attend the Senior Dining program, must I register as a senior diner?

Yes, an individual who attends the Senior Dining program must register as a senior diner. We are required by Trellis to have each diner register on a yearly basis. All information received from registering is kept confidential and not used for any other purpose due to HIPPA.

How do I find out the Senior Dining menu?

Menus are available at each Senior Dining location. Individuals may request a menu by calling the specific Senior Dining site or the main Senior Nutrition phone number 952-945-4156.

How do I arrange to receive waivered meals? 

Individuals who are interested in arranging to receive waivered meals may contact the nearest Senior Dining location to make a request. For more information call 952-945-4156.