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Senior Services volunteer opportunities

Volunteer at Southwest Senior Center

Group volunteer opportunities

  • Brain games

    Volunteers team with seniors to play brain games such as Concentration, Jeopardy, logic and memory games. Group size: 3 – 7 people

  • Bingo

    Volunteers bring bingo prizes, call bingo, help people who need assistance, distribute prizes. Group size: 3 – 8 people

  • Pancake breakfast

    Volunteers provide the food, set up, prepare food, socialize with seniors, and clean up a pancake breakfast for about 30 seniors. Group size: 5-12.

  • Garden prep

    Volunteers help to prepare the community garden for the upcoming season. Group size: 4–8. Early May.

  • Favors for TRUST

    Help our seniors make small favors that are included in the lunches of Meals on Wheels clients.

College student volunteer opportunities

  • Health care talks

    Talks about health care issues of interest to seniors such as diabetes, heart disease, stress management, dementia, brain health, impact of exercise (Nursing and PT students).

  • Fall prevention testing

    PT students

  • Other options

    Feel free to contact Mary Ann if there are other topics that you might like to present.

CONTACT: Mary Ann Schoenberger — Center Director
Phone: 612-822-3194