Our Daily Bread

“This is what keeps me going.” That’s how one resident of Lyndale Manor recently described his daily supply of meals from Volunteers of America’s Senior Nutrition Program.

The pandemic and social unrest created food and nutrition crises for many people living in our communities. When some organizations were shutting down their services because of COVID, Senior Nutrition staff knew their work was lifesaving and even shifted some of their services toward the community residents who were most vulnerable in the face of the pandemic, older adults and people with disabilities.

We started serving one 85-year old man when the meal service at another community organization closed because of COVID-19. He suffers from chronic bronchitis and can barely reach down to pick up his meals. He doesn’t have much money so the meals from Senior Nutrition make his food dollars go farther. Just as importantly, staff connect with him when they set up meals and can make sure he’s okay.

“There are a lot of organizations out there providing food,” Senior Nutrition Manager Nancy Christianson notes. “But there’s also a lot of need. Some people are falling through the cracks.” Volunteers of America is working hard to shore up these cracks and make sure as many older adults as possible have a daily, nutritious meal.

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