Pops' story

Tony, Craig, Karen, and Kelly have cared for their 86-year-old father for two years, since he was diagnosed with dementia. He still lives in the family home, surrounded by love and memories that come and go. See the story in the Star Tribune — http://strib.mn/2C639sx

“We’re lucky there are four of us to share the responsibilities,” Kelly says. “It’s up and down with Pops. Sometimes he’s aware but often he’s not.”

Dementia is a growing public health concern across the U.S. but rates for racial and ethnic groups are rising most quickly. Volunteers of America–Minnesota and Wisconsin’s culturally responsive Caregiver and Dementia services are part of the answer. We are dedicated to helping older adults live safely and happily at home for much longer.

Our approach brings support and real-life solutions to dementia care at home. Kelly and Karen have attended our free support groups and have invited staff to visit in Pops’ home. “It’s made a big difference,” Kelly recalled.