Youth Residential Services

Youth Residential Treatment and Shelter services support mental health and communication for struggling children, adolescents and their families to improve their quality of life and help them lead successful lives in their homes and community.

Our Youth Residential Services

  • Avanti Residential Treatment Center

    The Avanti Residential Treatment Center is a state of the art residential facility located on wooded grounds and scenic wetlands in the northern metro area that provides a continuum of treatment and evaluation services for biological females ages 12 to 18 who have emotional and behavioral challenges. With expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, we assist our residents in attaining the skills necessary to improve their quality of life, the lives of those around them and to succeed as adults.

  • Bar None ShelterPlus Residential Services

    Bar None ShelterPlus Residential Services provides individualized, culturally affirmative services designed to provide trauma-informed care to both male and female youth on the Bar None campus. The primary goal of Bar None ShelterPlus is to help youth prepare for successful transition back into community. Youth at Bar None will develop foundational skills and maintenance in: Safety and Life Skills; Emotion Regulation Skills; Pro-social and Conflict Resolution Skills; Communication and Empathy Skills  

  • Children's Residential Treatment Center

    Children's Residential Treatment Center (CRTC)  provides intensive residential treatment setting for youth with emotional and behavioral disturbances. We believe that therapeutic work can best occur in a caring, safe, supportive environment that offers individualized treatment. The program focuses on assisting youth in developing skills to relate constructively to their environment through the use of intensive psychotherapies and cognitive/emotional skill building. Through close supervision and unique interventions, CRTC staff provide many opportunities for the development of healthy, nurturing relationships. We serve youth ages 11-17 who are struggling with persistent patterns of high-risk behaviors that require intervention in a nurturing, safe and structured environment. Youth can be referred from the community or as a step down from a more restrictive environment.

  • Omegon Residential Treatment Center

    Omegon Residential Treatment Center  provides residential treatment in a rural setting
    for emotionally disturbed and chemically abusive youth. Omegon is a 24-bed intensive residential treatment center serving male and female adolescents ages 12 through 17, who are experiencing serious emotional, social, and behavioral disorders, combined with the abuse and/or dependency on mood-altering chemicals.