• Helping America's most vulnerable


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  • Charity of choice

    VOA-MN named Navigate Forward’s Charity of Choice

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Retired or about to retire? Read our 20 timely tips for retirees

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Volunteers of America of Minnesota and Wisconsin takes on the most difficult tasks to help people gain self-reliance, dignity and hope

News and Events

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    Delivering services where they’re needed

    Legislative committee considers bill to fund more local services for the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing.

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    VOA High students learn from walking history books

    Do you remember the day Martin Luther King died? What sort of technology did you have in the 60s?

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    Kelly's story, part of our Annual Report

    Kelly’s intellectual disability doesn’t dim her interest in others and it didn’t diminish her eligibility this year to receive a life-saving kidney transplant.

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  • 23,000

    people served annually

  • 800

    employees provide love and care for our residents and clients

  • 1,000

    volunteers help us serve

  • 110

    locations where services are provided

  • 2,500

    self-reliance for 2,500 individuals and families involved in the criminal justice system

  • 14,000

    dignity for 14,000 older adults and people with special needs

  • 6,500

    hope for 6,500 children, youth and family members in treatment centers, clinics and schools