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  • Working to uplift all lives

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    Our results and stories of self-reliance, dignity and hope

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Volunteers of America of Minnesota and Wisconsin takes on the most difficult tasks to help people gain self-reliance, dignity and hope

News and Events

  • Earl Miller

    Build self-reliance for second chances

    Welcome people who have made a mistake and paid the price, back into our community.

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  • Seniors in front of mosaic

    Help seniors feel valued and connected

    Restore dignity for older adults and boost neighborhood pride.

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  • VOA High School student paddling a canoe

    Help hope flourish through education

    Support kids to widen their rivers of opportunity.

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  • 24,500

    people served annually

  • 800

    employees provide love and care for our residents and clients

  • 1,600

    volunteers help us serve

  • 110

    locations where services are provided

  • 2,000

    self-reliance for 2,000 individuals and families involved in the criminal justice system

  • 13,600

    dignity for 13,600 older adults and people with special needs

  • 9,000

    hope for 9,000 children, youth and family members in treatment centers, clinics and schools