VOA manages Residential Reentry Centers (RRC) for correctional agencies that offer men and women a safe, structured, supervised environment, as well as employment counseling, job placement, financial management assistance, and other reentry programs and services. Some participants are also eligible for controlled home-confinement, using monitoring equipment and onsite verifications by assigned staff.  


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All genders
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Lake Street Residential Reentry Center

2825 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
United States

Facility Manger - Jordan DePonty

Provides transitional housing and reentry services for up to 58 men who are permitted to complete part of their sentence in the community.  

Roseville Residential Reentry Center

1771 Kent Street
Roseville, MN 55113
United States

Facility Manager - Abygayl Ringstad

Provides transitional housing and reentry services for up to 74 people (all genders) who are permitted to complete part of their sentence in the community. 

Supporting the Transition Back to Community 

It’s not easy coming back to community after a prison sentence. Residential Reentry Centers provide support to help residents succeed when their sentence ends. Community groups are also welcomed within the RRCs offering various support groups, classes, activities, and workshops.  

Finishing Sentences in the Community 

Residents at the RRC’s are still under the jurisdiction of the MN Department of Corrections (DOC) or Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), but have the opportunity to work a job and attend support groups out in the community.  

Support and stability for a new start

Starting over isn’t easy for any of us. When people are released from incarceration, many experience significant challenges looking for work, housing, positive connections in the community, and access to medical care and mental/chemical health services. This leads to a population that is more at-risk to fail and return to incarceration. We provide a place of transition within a safe, positive environment that enables residents to stay successful once their prison sentence ends. By partnering with our RRCs, correctional agencies can engage with a network of housing, monitoring, and reentry services to help individuals as they begin their transition back into community and reduce recidivism going forward. 

“Always give somebody a chance”


When Diego De La Rosa started succeeding after spending time at VOA’s Roseville RRC he decided to give back by hiring workers seeking their own second chances. You can help provide second chances too by coming to work for us at one of our Residential Reentry Centers.  

The U.S. Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in 2003. 

PREA supports the elimination, reduction, and prevention of sexual assault, including abuse by correctional staff and by inmates in federal, state, and local prisons, jails, lock-ups, and community residential facilities.

Volunteers of America Residential Reentry Center has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment either by staff or other residents. PREA information is made available to all residents upon arrival during their initial orientation to the facility and it is provided in all needed formats.

Volunteers of America Residential Reentry Center views PREA as a priority for resident and staff safety and ensures that our staff are fully trained in using the current best practices in community corrections to assist in prevention of sexual abuse. VOARRC uses a strict policy for gender-responsive classification to ensure that each resident is assessed and housed according to the standards set forth by PREA.

Volunteers of America Residential Reentry Center has a trained investigator on staff who investigates administrative allegations of sexual misconduct involving any residents, staff, or anyone visiting our facilities. Criminal allegations of sexual misconduct at the Minneapolis location are referred to the Minneapolis Police Department to investigate. Criminal allegations of sexual misconduct at the Roseville location are referred to the Roseville Police Department to investigate. Volunteers of America Residential Reentry Center's PREA Coordinator is the main point of contact for any allegations. Any person may make a report on behalf of any resident.

Any questions or to make a report of sexual abuse at any VOA facility please contact 651-255-4459.