President and Chief Executive Officer Paula Hart (third from left) received the Jean Harris award from the Women’s Health Leadership Trust. Standing with Paula are Julia Donaldson and Sarah Fjelstul on the left and Anna Petersmeyer, Roma Anderson Milton and Kemais Guezmir on the right.

Executive leadership

  • Paula Hart

    President and CEO

    952-945-4000, paula.hart@voamn.org

  • Anna Petersmeyer

    Chief Operating Officer

    952-945-4144, apetersmeyer@voamn.org

  • Sarah Fjelstul

    Vice President of Finance

    952-945-4041, sarah.fjelstul@voamn.org

  • Julia Donaldson

    Vice President of Mission Advancement

    952-945-4061, julia.donaldson@voamn.org

  • Kemais Guezmir

    Vice President of Information Technology

    952-945-4002, kemais.guezmir@voamn.org

  • Roma Anderson Milton

    Vice President and Chief People Officer

    952-945-4000, roma.milton@voamn.org


  • Kristine Moser

    Director — Human Resources

    952-945-4087, kristine.moser@voamn.org

  • Steve Nelson

    Director — Communications

    952-945-4033, steve.nelson@voamn.org

Service area leadership


  • Chris Doege

    Interim Director - Community Justice

    612-877-4250, chris.doege@voamn.org


  • Anne Foerster

    Director - Special Needs Division and Wisconsin Operations

    414-847-1515 x110, afoerster@voawi.org

  • Susanne Grochett

    Director - Care Options Network

    952-945-4077, sgrochett@voamn.org, careoptionsnetwork.org

  • Alicia Cline Holum

    Director - Housing, Assisted Living and Senior Services

    952-945-4007, alicia.holum@voamn.org


  • Gary Olson

    Director - Community Family Supports

    952-945-4070, golson@voamn.org

  • Katie Perzel

    Director - Education and Mental Health Services

    763-252-4504, kperzel@voamn.org

  • Kelly Wesner

    Director - Residential Services

    612-704-0853, kwesner@voamn.org