Authorized Charter Schools

Our authorized schools

  • Athlos Leadership Academy

    Charter #4011 — Brooklyn Park, MN

    Athlos Leadership Academy is a PK-8 grade school located in Northern Brooklyn Park. Since 1994, Athlos teachers have provided students with an academic and social foundation that helps students through the integration of social skills, family involvement and academics. Athlos Leadership Academy educates students to ensure they are high school ready and college bound. Athlos is a unique public school model that prepares kids for a competitive future in three essential ways: Academics + Athletics + Character. In fact, the principles and skills taught at Athlos are a better indicator for lifelong success than GPA alone. A concept the Athlos calls “performance character” is the foundation that makes Athlos Academies different from any other school. Athlos students come to identify, understand and practice 12 character traits that research links to lifelong achievement. Athlos integrates these traits into academic lessons and teach them through athletic experiences on the turf. When students leave Athlos Leadership Academy, they have the skills essential to a well-rounded, competitive future.

  • Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

    Charter #4250 - St. Cloud, MN

    Athlos Academy of St. Cloud empowers students to achieve success using a three pillar education model: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body & Performance Character. Athlos is a unique public school model that prepares kids for a competitive future in three essential ways: Academics + Athletics + Character.

  • Birch Grove Community School

    Charter #4145 — Tofte, MN

    Birch Grove Community School (BGCS) promotes academic excellence utilizing our unique natural setting allowing students to reach their potential, preparing them to become socially and environmentally responsible, self-directed, life-long learners. BGCS began operations the fall of the 2005-2006 school year and serves students grades K-5. The school serves students in a small school environment utilizing multi-age classrooms, environmental resources, and community involvement to provide a quality education to its students.

  • Bluffview Montessori School

    Charter #4001 — Winona, MN

    Bluffview Montessori School became the nation’s first charter school in 1993. The school’s distinctive Montessori approach empowers learners to unfold their potential as whole and unique persons in a global community. Bluffview Montessori has a strong record of providing high-quality Montessori education and financial stewardship while maintaining a sharp focus on Montessori methods as tools for fostering creativity, curiosity, and independence in students who will become innovators and leaders in the Winona community for generations to come.

  • Fit Academy

    Charter #4244

    The purpose of FIT Academy is to prepare the whole student for life. FIT Academy empowers students to live fulfilling, responsible, and successful lives by purposefully integrating the three developmental areas of Fitness, Intellect, and Teamwork. These three areas make up the FIT acronym and this purposeful integration results in an impact on student development that is far greater than the sum of each individual developmental area.

  • Green Isle Community School

    Charter #4144 — Green Isle, MN

    Green Isle Community School (GICS) is committed to providing a quality, child-focused educational program for all students. The staff collaboratively works to ensure that students receive a balanced education that includes academic achievement, physical growth, social education and character development. GICS fosters a positive and respectful multiage environment that promotes educational excellence, service learning, community connections, and responsible citizenship. GICS began operation in the fall of the 2005 – 2006 school year and serves students grades K-6. GICS is a school of excellence, one that supports rigorous and responsible academic, social, and behavioral quests. The school enriches the greater Green Isle community by establishing traditions that celebrate history and heritage.

  • Harbor City International School

    Charter #4085 — Duluth, MN

    Harbor City International (HCIS) is a college preparatory charter high school. HCIS is a small learning community that nurtures a sense of belonging and academic excellence. The school began operations in the fall of the 2002-2003 school year and serves students grades 9-12. HCIS prepares students for college by offering a vertically aligned curriculum that combines knowledge of skill development leading to participation in Advanced Placement coursework. Participation in our curriculum and the life of the school instills the ethics of Reach, Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships that sustains our students throughout their lives. The school supports students through a vibrant community of highly qualified teachers and staff. Education and training is provided to families for effective partnering that benefits students' achievement and goal setting for their futures. Service learning and volunteer programs serve the greater community and provide leadership opportunities for students. Our school is fiscally sound and effectively managed so that students, families, employees, and the greater community benefits from our existence.

  • Kaleidoscope Charter School

    Charter #4118 — Otsego, MN

    Kaleidoscope Charter School (KCS) is an educational family that cultivates inquisitive leaders who possess integrity and a passion for learning. KCS began operations in the fall of the 2004-2005 school year and serves students grades K-12 (grade expansion approved in spring 2014). The program model includes Inquiry-based instruction, ability based instruction, leadership/character development, service learning, and a variety of educational opportunities. In the fall of 2015, KCS began implementing its new “Real World Ready” program. “Real World Ready” is a phrase that has been associated with the character education program in our middle school and high school, but the new program will take it to a level that it has not been at before. The KCS “Real World Ready” program is designed to intentionally teach students the values and skills that are needed to become successful members of our community. The program will emphasize character, community service, community building, leadership skills, career exploration, planning for the future, study skills, organizational skills and personal finance.

  • KIPP North Star Academy

    Charter #4191 — Minneapolis, MN

    KIPP North Star Academy (KIPP-MN) is part of the nation-wide “Knowledge Is Power Program” which is a network of free, open- enrollment public schools which is committed to the same philosophies of no shortcuts and high expectations for students. KIPP-MN began operations in the fall of the 2008-2009 school year and is approved to serve students grades 5-8. KIPP-MN’s primary goal is to prepare all of the students for success in college and beyond. To do that, the school is focused on ensuring that students develop both the academic skills and the character necessary to help them define what they stand for. Through a culture of high expectations, the school seeks to instill in our students the values of honor, curiosity, tenacity and joy.

  • Lakes International Language Academy

    Charter #4116 — Forest Lake, MN

    Lakes International Language Academy (LILA) is an IB World School, using the highly respected International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme as its curriculum model. LILA opened in the fall of the 2004-2005 school year and serves students in grades K-6 (state approved in 2012 to expand to serve grades K-12 and 2014 to expand to serve PK-12). The school provides a choice of instruction in either a Spanish or Mandarin Chinese immersion environment. The students of LILA are held to a high standard in traditional elementary subjects and at the same time prove capable of establishing a high level of proficiency in both spoken and written Spanish/Mandarin Chinese and English.

  • Naytahwaush Community Charter School

    Charter #4155 — Naytahwaush, MN

    Naytahwaush Community Charter School (NCCS) is a child-centered environment where learning is relevant and respects the traditions and wisdom of community, family and self. NCCS began operation in the fall of the 2005-2006 school and serves students grades K-6. The school is a place where children are respected as individuals, as community members with a rich cultural heritage. NCCS provides an environment where learning is relevant to the life environment of the child and his/her individual needs. High academic expectations are fostered through environmental learning, the arts and cultural exploration. NCCS promotes the whole child through challenging academics, community involvement and fostering healthy life choices.

  • New Century Academy

    Charter #4240

    New Century School provides a high-quality education to nurture and inspire a community of learners through an innovative, holistic approach to education that embeds science and technology. The school's inquiry-based learning model and multi-disciplinary instructional approach provides the foundation for the school's rigorous STEM-based curriculum.

  • Schoolcraft Learning Community

    Charter #4058 — Turtle River Township, MN

    Schoolcraft Learning Community (SLC) exists to help develop individuals to be self-directed, lifelong learners who have the skills and knowledge to confidently and compassionately navigate in the world. SLC is an environment where learning occurs through expeditions. The school opened in the fall of the 2000-2001 school year and serves students in grades K-8. Learning expeditions are long-term, in-depth investigations of a theme or topic that engage students through authentic research, projects, fieldwork, service, and adventure. SLC emphasize the fact that development of personal character for students is as important as academic growth and that, in fact, the two go hand in hand to build confident compassionate lifelong learners.

  • Southside Family Charter School

    Charter #4162 — Minneapolis, MN

    Southside Family Charter School (SFCS) is a small school that meets the needs of a culturally and ethnically diverse population by engaging children in critical thinking and problem solving, involving children in political and social activism, encouraging creative expression, offering a wide range of electives and advocating for children and families. SFCS began operations in the fall of the 2006-2007 school year and serves students grades K-8. SFCS is dedicated to academic excellence, innovation in curriculum, and family and community involvement. Their commitment to civil rights and social justice has fostered a curriculum that develops children who are leaders in their communities and the world.

  • Spectrum High School

    Charter #4160 — Elk River, MN

    Spectrum High School (SHS) mission is to foster academic and personal excellence through a program emphasizing high academic standards in a small school setting. SHS began operations in the fall of the 2006-2007 school year and is approved to serve students grades 6-12. SHS core philosophy focuses on students in a small school setting which provides a college preparatory education with an emphasis on technology. In addition, students are also given an opportunity to become involved in their community through a service learning program. Currently, Spectrum has nine College in the School (CIS) courses through Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

  • TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School

    Charter #4106 — Bemidji, MN

    TrekNorth Junior and Senior High School’s (TrekNorth) mission is to prepare young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities, and to maximize student academic success by challenging and supporting individual students on an academic path that includes participation in a spectrum of vertically aligned college-readiness courses, including Advanced Placement courses. TrekNorth began operation in the fall of 2003-2004 school year and serves students in grades 7-12. TrekNorth develops leadership skills in all students through required participation in wilderness experiences and outdoor skill development, and fosters a sense of value for service through required participation in service experiences.

  • Twin Lakes STEM Academy

    Charter #4239 — Brooklyn Center, MN

    Twin Lakes STEM Academy is focused on a comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. Twin Lakes focuses on the development of the whole child with class sizes targeted at a range of 18-24 students. The school emphasizes the use of technology to provide instructional differentiation and a holistic system of working with students’ social and emotional development to create a calm and positive school culture.

  • Woodbury Leadership Academy

    Charter #4228 — Woodbury, MN

    Woodbury Leadership Academy (WLA) opened in the fall of 2014 as a charter elementary and middle school in Woodbury, Minnesota, serving approximately 350 students in grades K-8 when fully enrolled. WLA’s plans to build partnerships with families from Woodbury and the surrounding communities who wish to be involved as partners in the education of their children in a rigorous educational environment that fosters student success. WLA will use inquiry based learning while building strong skills in math, reading, literature, writing, music, science & technology – all of the essential areas of learning. WLA will also implement a strong character education program to ensure students develop exceptional leadership skills and are well rounded in all areas, social and academic, and prepared for high school and beyond.