Avanti Center Q&A

Frequently asked questions

What is the average length of stay at the Avanti Center?

The average length of stay for one of our residents varies based on the program they are admitted to and the pace at which they meet their goals for placement.

Residents of the Evaluation program complete a 42-day stay during which their evaluation assessments are completed.

Residents admitted to the Treatment program average a length of stay from 5.5 to 8.5 months. Discharge is based on the resident successfully completing various standard programming components, as well as meeting individual goals and their readiness to return to a community environment.

How can parents/caregivers stay informed of their loved one's progress while at Avanti?

Parents have regular telephone contact with their child’s treatment staff to keep informed of their child’s progress and are encouraged to visit regularly when possible. Progress is also conveyed during regular family therapy sessions. Parents are invited to attend regular formal treatment progress review meetings that will provide an extensive review of their child’s progress in the program.

What are the living accommodations like at Avanti?

The Avanti Center is located on wooded grounds and scenic wetlands, complete with paved walking paths and is a peaceful and therapeutic environment. The main campus consists of a program building that includes a kitchen, dining hall, recreational and group session areas, a conference room and various administrative offices. The residents live in a 2-story dormitory style building that includes a lounge on each floor as well as a shared fitness room.