Culturally Responsive Caregiver Support and Dementia Services Program volunteer opportunities

Volunteer for our Culturally Responsive Caregiver Support and Dementia Services Program

Help expand culturally responsive outreach, memory screenings and support to persons facing dementia and their caregivers within the African American, East African and Hmong Communities. In need of volunteers who speak Hmong, Somali and Oromo.

  • Memory Screening Volunteer

    Volunteer will perform memory screening to individuals during Mobile events/SPPH and/or MPHA visits.

  • Aging and Memory Mobile Clinic/SPPH/MPHA Volunteer

    Volunteer will market and work on outreach during Mobile Unit events and SPPH/MPHA visits.

  • Follow Up Support-Mobile Clinic/SPPH/MPHA Volunteer

    Volunteer will call individuals that were served during Mobile events and SPPH/MPHA visits.

  • Caregiver Breakfast Volunteer - Cook

    Volunteer will cook and deliver breakfast for the Caregiver Breakfast events.

  • Caregiver Breakfast Volunteer - Set Up/Clean Up

    Volunteer will Set up and Clean up before and after Caregiver breakfasts.

  • Support Group Volunteer

    Volunteer will attend support groups as a support to caregivers and staff. Support group volunteer may also take on a facilitator role as they work alongside VOA staff.

  • ESL Class Support Volunteer

    Volunteer will support ESL class held at Wells Fargo Bank in Minneapolis on Tuesday’s 10-12:30am.

  • AKNU Day Companion Care Service Respite Volunteer

    Volunteer will provide respite to caregivers through informal caregiving to the individual being cared for.

  • Caregiver Support Mentor Volunteer

    Volunteer will support caregivers through individual informal gatherings.

  • Photography Volunteer

    Volunteer will attend events to document and celebrate program accomplishments.

  • Caregiver Celebration Volunteer

    Volunteer will assist staff in planning, organizing and creating caregiver celebration events.

CONTACT: Lauren Mau, Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 952-945-4060