Community Justice

Amicus and reentry services

Our services for adults in community reentry promote further responsibility, quality of life and ethical behavior in the home and the community


Amicus has been a leader in service in the criminal justice arena for over 50 years. Amicus merged with Volunteers of America of Minnesota in 2013. Its mission is to partner with people currently being supervised by the criminal justice system or those with a criminal record and community members to help build successful lives and stronger communities. Amicus provides one of the state's longest standing and most successful transitional mentoring programs for those leaving incarceration, and we always have a great need for volunteers.

Volunteer with Amicus

Become a friend to an individual in the criminal justice system

Pre-Release and Post-Release Services

  • Reentry Mentoring


    Amicus Reentry Mentoring has been training volunteers to serve as mentors for individual inmates across Minnesota for 50 years. By visiting, writing, and listening to their One to One matches, our volunteers have helped thousands of people successfully transition from incarceration back into society. Our One to One program has been recognized as one of the most well-established, effective and reliable reentry mentoring programs in the state.

  • Amicus Reflections Support Group

    Amicus Reflections Support Group offers a place in which people with criminal records can come together and help each other build a healthy, positive lifestyle.

  • Sisters Helping Sisters

    Amicus Sisters Helping Sisters is an innovative transitional program, which female inmates at MCF-Shakopee who are nearing release have the opportunity to participate in.

  • Reconnect

    Reentry Resources

    Amicus Reconnect is a program and drop-in center providing information, referrals, and specialized one-on-one planning tailored to the specific challenges that come with having a criminal background.

Residential support

  • Residential Reentry Centers

    Residential reentry services for men and women who are allowed to complete part of their prison sentences in the community

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