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Culturally Responsive Elder Connections

Dignity for older adults


Culturally Responsive Elder Connections offers positive cultural, educational and social experiences while supporting overall health and well-being to the elders within the Hmong and African American communities. Services are provided by culturally responsive associates that understand and relate to the changes faced within each respective community. Volunteers of America understands that elders are a vital and cherished segment of our communities and proud to offer person-centered, trauma-informed care to these remarkable individuals.

Many Hmong elders feel isolated due to language and cultural barriers, as well as, personal difficulties arising from the loss of their homeland and the separation of some family members. The lack of economic security, the change in medical practice, and normal physical and mental changes associated with aging are additional adjustments the elders face. Our program fills a void in the lives of isolated Hmong elders, teaches them about their new country and offers them a place to find resources and support. The bilingual staff of Hmong Elder Connections provide the valuable services by translating, interpreting, and explaining services to support elders with a wide range of challenges. 

At this difficult time in our nation, many African American elders are experiencing strong memories and emotions as the continued social and racial inequities they face. In addition to the unrest within the community, elders can often experience lack of economic security, isolation, decreased mobility, as well as, the normal physical and mental changes associated with aging. Our program can fill a void in the lives of isolated African American elders, recommends resources and solutions to nurture whole-person wellness.

individual support

Services include:

  • Healthcare coordination
  • Economic counseling
  • Housing Stability services
  • Immigration issues
  • Family mediation
  • Group transportation for necessities (groceries, prescriptions, household, etc.)
  • Mental health support

This program is funded through a grant from the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging as part of the federal Older Americans Act. Your contributions to the program are always welcome so that we many extend these services to as many people as possible.


Park ElderCenter 
1505 Park Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404


Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.
see details below for specific program days/hours


Hmong and African American elders living in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties

For Services

Call us — 612-339-7581