Dakota House

dakothouseweb.jpgDakota House has a warm, friendly atmosphere that offers the best in individualized, highly specialized, around-the-clock care for one individual with developmental disabilities.

Location: West Allis, Wisconsin

Meet our residents and staff

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How we help

Dakota House is a program of Volunteers of America of Wisconsin that serves one individual at a time in order to exceed standards for quality care and provide a comfortable environment for everyone.

All residents have private rooms and are provided three balanced meals each day, laundry and cleaning services, community activities, appointment scheduling and transportation, and personal care related to their individual medical needs.

In addition, personal care workers focus on maintaining current skill levels and teaching new skills to residents in order to increase their independence. We have care providers on-site 24 hours/day and offer a varied staffing pattern to meet the individualized needs of the residents.

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Phone: 414-928-5500