DBT Outpatient Therapy Q&A

Frequently asked questions

At what locations are DBT Individual Therapy sessions offered?

DBT Individual Therapy and skills training sessions may be scheduled at our office.

  • New Hope: Vona Center for Mental Health, 9220 Bass Lake Road, Suite 255, New Hope, MN 55428

Do individuals need to change therapists in order to participate in the DBT Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program?

To participate in the program, individuals must have a trained, experienced DBT therapist, either from the Vona Center for Mental Health or from a qualified outside provider.

What if a parent or guardian is not available to participate with the adolescent in the DBT Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program?

Specifically how an individual participates in the program is a decision made by the individual DBT Therapist, youth participant, parent/guardian and consultation team. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the best situation for the participant.

Can individuals choose to just participate in the DBT skills training?

If you have a qualified DBT individual therapist outside of Vona Center for Mental Health, and are seeking skills training only, please ask your therapist to contact us with a signed release of information to facilitate the referral.