Amicus provides a free drop-in service center to help individuals who have been incarcerated connect to the ingredients of day-to-day living such as housing, employment, and transportation. Most of the people we serve have recently left a correctional facility and are experiencing how difficult it can be for people with criminal records to find basic necessities like employment and stable housing. Some people return to Reconnect in need of assistance such as low-cost transit passes or connections to meals, clothing, or furniture.


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Reconnecting & Rebuilding Lives After Prison 

The time immediately following release from prison is crucial for someone choosing to walk a more hopeful path. Reconnect helps people overcome the many barriers they’ll encounter when looking for jobs, housing, and other daily needs. Beyond meeting basic needs, people also find a helping hand and support from someone who doesn’t judge them and understands what they’re going through. 

A Free Service: No Appointment Needed 


Of everything missing from someone’s life after incarceration, two of the most common elements are trust and hope. Amicus Reconnect doesn’t ask people for commitments and provides support, resources, and guidance free of charge. They don’t even need to make an appointment.  

Support on the day-to-day journey back from prison 

People choosing to walk a more hopeful path need resources for the journey. Amicus Reconnect helps women and men rebuild their lives after an encounter with the criminal legal system by offering on-going, relationship-based services that support, respect, and empower the whole person. Services are tailored to meet the specific challenges that result from having a criminal background and include one-on-one assistance with finding employment and housing, transportation support, referrals to meet mental and physical health needs, access to computers, and other supportive services to reduce recidivism and reunite families. Reconnect supports nearly a quarter of the women and men released from prison in Minnesota. 

Amicus Reconnect helps in the search for:  

Housing. Information and referrals for affordable, permanent housing opportunities. 

Employment. Resources for job searches, assistance with applications and resumes to help individuals find stable employment. 

Transportation. Reduced price transit passes and free bus tokens to verifiable job interviews and appointments. 

Meals, Clothing, and Furniture. Referrals to resources offering assistance in meeting daily, basic needs. 

Communications. Access to technology needs such as phones, and computers. 

Everyone needs a second chance sometimes. Help those in search of a new start. 

“Coming out of prison I hadn’t often heard the words, ‘How I can I help you?’ When you come into Amicus the first thing you hear is ‘How can I help you today?’”   

-Amicus Reconnect participant and volunteer 

Commonly Asked Questions

Amicus means friend and while we’re built on relationships, part of a good relationship is helping people as they try to get through the challenges of day-to-day life. That’s what Amicus’ Reconnect services do.  

The most common types of assistance Reconnect provides are resources, support, and referrals for people looking for employment and housing, as well as low-cost transit passes for those needing transportation. We also offer resources and referrals for many other types of assistance including phones, voicemail, clothing, furniture and more. 

Amicus Reconnect services are free, and you can drop in without an appointment 9:00am – noon and 1:00pm – 3:00pm Monday through Friday. If you need to connect with a specific person, we’d suggest you make an appointment with them by calling ahead – 612-877-4250. 

Amicus’ Reconnect are often used in conjunction with other Amicus services, including volunteer mentoring, employment training and support, individual consultation on specific issues, peer groups for social support and exchanging ideas, chaplains to connect with on the spiritual aspects of one’s journey and more. Find out more from an Amicus Reconnect counselor.