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Are you bold? Dare to be a friend through Amicus mentoring programs

Amicus Reentry Mentoring has been training volunteers to serve as mentors for individual inmates across Minnesota for nearly 50 years. By visiting, writing, and listening to their One to One matches, our volunteers have helped thousands of ex-offenders successfully transition back into society. By extending a hand of friendship, volunteers help inmates feel cared about, develop trust, and try out new behaviors. Many of our volunteers have created bonds that last decades, enriching the lives of everyone involved.


  • Amicus
  • MN Correctional Facilities


Set individually by mentoring participants and volunteers


Those incarcerated in MN Correctional Facilities, those leaving incarceration and community volunteers.


Free of charge

How we help

One to One: Amicus' Mentoring Volunteer Opportunity for over 50 Years

  • Our One to One service is one of the most long-lasting and respected re-entry mentoring programs in the state of Minnesota. It provides friendship to those preparing to leave Minnesota state correctional facilities and includes visiting both within the correctional facility and support after an inmate is released into community.
    • We ask for a minimum of one visit or connection a month and a commitment of at least one year.
    • Both volunteers and participants are interviewed and matched for similar interests and compatibility. Both volunteers and participants have the opportunity to decline a match
    • Volunteers attend a single-night orientation/information session and are offered quarterly support groups and additional training throughout the year.
    • Participants are able to access a full range of support services from Amicus post-release including help finding employment and housing.
Here's a video from before Amicus' merger with Volunteers of America MN and WI. It offers good information on One to One, but the contact information is out of date.
For more information, contact Jacquie Esparza — Community Engagement/Volunteer Recruitment
Phone: 612-277-3002