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  • Anthony's story

    Who cares for the caregivers? We do.

  • Our Daily Bread

    "This is what keeps me going."

  • James's story

    "'More Strong.' I'll roll with that."

  • Ted's story

    After leaving the military, Ted’s fall came quickly

  • La-Lita and Jerry's story

    Thanks to them, this baby boy had love.

  • Emma's story

    "I'm happy to be able to be happy."

  • Eric's story

    “She was there when I went to detox. Rather than judging, she addressed it as a problem and said, ‘Let’s see what we can do about it.’”

  • A Life-changing Friendship

    For Tynessia, Debbie’s visit with her in prison began a powerful, lifelong friendship 

  • Kelly's story

    Are you happy? That’s what Kelly wants to find out soon after you meet her. Kelly lives at Armour House, one of our ten residential care homes in Wisconsin. She has an intellectual disability, meaning that she thinks like a two-year-old, in a 42-year-old body.

  • Pops' story

    Tony, Craig, Karen, and Kelly have cared for their 86-year-old father for two years, since he was diagnosed with dementia. He still lives in the family home, surrounded by love and memories that come and go.