La-Lita and Jerry's story

Thanks to them, this baby boy had love.

Just a few months old, an infant with no mother or father in his life arrived at the home of VOA MN Foster Parents LaLita and Jerry. La-Lita thought about how this baby boy might never know much about his first year of life and she decided to help.

Over the next year La-Lita and Jerry took photos of the baby boy, documenting all the little milestones of a new life. When the boy was adopted by an out-of-state couple after a year, tucked in with blankets, clothing and other belongings was a Lifebook – a book filled with 3,000 photos, and proof that even if he didn’t have birth parents that first year, this little boy had love.

La-Lita and Jerry are just one example of the incredible people our foster care program recruits and supports.

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