Lydia and Robin

We Build Lives

January 29, 2019

Lydia came to Avanti for treatment after serious struggles, including self-harm and suicide attempts. Her mom, Robin, was struggling right alongside her.

On Lydia’s first day Robin noticed the engraving on the Avanti fireplace mantle: “We Build Lives.” She remembers hoping it was true. “But to be honest, I could not imagine what that meant in relation to my sad, hopelessly lost child.”

The phrase seemed almost cruel on some visits, because Lydia’s first few months were a struggle. Gradually though, Lydia started to improve.

“When Lydia came home she was a changed person, and we were a changed family. I read those same words again. ‘We Build Lives.’ I finally felt the weight of the work and the compassion behind those words.”

Today Lydia is back in school with long-term ambitions to help others rebuild their lives. She recently returned to Avanti to encourage those still struggling; reminding them that the words on the mantle are for her and for everyone coming after her. “We Build Lives.”