Why choose Care Management?

Our professional expertise, high standards and ethics assure the highest level of service.

Our care managers are experienced, licensed professionals who receive recurrent training on issues essential to providing high quality general and geriatric care management services. Additionally, we adhere to the Minnesota Board of Social Work and the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers standards and ethics to maintain the highest level of service for our clients and their families. By combining our professional expertise, high standards and ethics with respect and compassion, we effectively collaborate with our clients and their families to provide solutions, relief, and peace of mind.

We can affect positive change.

Whether it’s identifying unmet needs, facilitating services, completing interventions, moderating family decision making, navigating medical systems, or advocating on behalf of an older adult, we have the broad experience to effectively partner with older adults and their families to achieve solutions even the most complex situations.

We take a personalized, holistic approach.

When assessing older adults, resolving problems, and identifying appropriate solutions to meet needs, we examine the individual’s entire state of affairs, not just one aspect of their life. We evaluate their medical health, physical, cognitive and emotional functioning, legal and financial issues, as well as consider support systems including family, friends, church, doctors, lawyers, home services, and others. We seek the underlying causes of unusual and problematic behaviors and situations. This approach helps us recommend the most effective care solutions for our clients and their families.

We balance individual goals and values with meeting basic needs and concerns for safety.

We respect individuality and advocate for each older adult to live in accordance with their unique personal goals and values, and balance this with meeting basic needs and concerns for safety. We work carefully to identify this balance, so that we are not being over-protective or under-protective in our recommendations and service provisions. We endeavor to reduce risk while also enhancing quality of life for the individual, which includes avoiding premature nursing home moves and overly prescriptive care plans

We are experienced moderators, mediators and liaisons.

We are experienced professionals and are not scared away by difficult clients, family dynamics or situations. We use assertive, yet positive, communication techniques which assist older adults and their families in reaching consensus for important care giving decisions.

“Thank you for your wonderful assistance on that weekend morning. Everyone thought you were terrific — and just what the family needs right now. We were really drifting, knowing there were so many difficult issues on the horizon, and suddenly we feel we have a direction and a plan.”

—A Care Management client

Our billing practices are reasonable.

Our service agreement helps assure that our clients and their families understand estimated time and cost of our work upfront so there will be no surprises. We bill only for services needed, requested, and actually performed. Our care managers are salaried employees, therefore billable hours are not our priority. We never accept or pay referral fees and our services many be terminated at anytime.

Our written reports are beneficial.

Our detailed assessment and recommendation reports offer a precise, unbiased, objective review of the older adult’s needs including their medical, emotional, cognitive, functional, legal, financial, and support system situations. These reports help share a consistent understanding of the older adult’s situation among family members, as well as medical, legal and other professionals, encouraging informed care giving decisions.

We do not foster dependence on our services.

Our services aim to ensure client safety, health and overall well being without fostering unnecessary dependence. We promote the client’s individual strengths to help maximize their independence, as well as set clear goals and objectives. Once the goals and objectives are met, we help transition oversight for care to family or others, as appropriate. After that, we continue to be available for support and consultation, if needed.

We understand dementia and similar conditions.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of dementia and other similar conditions. Our staff has deep experience providing services for individuals affected by dementia and cognitive impairments including accurate assessment, and both short-term and long-term planning. We know how and when to appropriately intervene with those suffering from these conditions, as well as how to effectively support families who have a family member impacted by them.

We are experienced in court interventions and testimony.

We understand the cost, impact and likelihood of success for cases which go to court. Our interventions can prevent or settle a contested case without the pain and expense of a lengthy court trial. Our care managers have more than 20 years experience providing expert court testimony which can significantly shorten a trial. We can serve as neutral professionals to provide credible fact-based testimony conveying the client’s capacity, needs, best interests, as well as provide our assessment and recommendations.