Abigail on bike

This is why we do what we do.

December 19, 2020

Abigail was expecting only her sister, Sarah, would be getting a bike for Christmas. A new bike was all Sarah could talk about for months. When VOA Case Manager Sue arrived with the delivery, Sarah and their mom, Hannah, greeted her outside. Sarah was ecstatic to finally get the bike she had been dreaming of, but Hannah and Sue also coaxed Abigail out of the house.

Abigail saw Sarah riding her bike but was puzzled when she noticed a second bike on the sidewalk. Then Sue yelled, “Merry Christmas, Abigail!” and Abigail began to jump up and down. She was overwhelmed with tears of joy.

“Really!? Really!?” Abigail excitedly repeated as she ran to the bike. This was Abigail’s first brand new bike of her very own. She loves it so much that she slept with the bike in her room next to her bed the first night.

Sue reflected, “I love being able to do things like this. This is why we do what we do.”