A Journey of Inclusion

We believe that building communities where all lives are uplifted is possible when we can all bring our full, authentic selves to the effort. Each of us is unique and deserves to feel valued, respected, seen, and included. We also recognize the continuing opportunity to make progress in our journey of inclusion, to honor our differences, listen, learn, and use our resources to be a positive voice for change. This journey takes place throughout our community, within our workplace and inside each of us.

Centering Equity

Achieving equity is fundamental to our work. Every day, we see how disparities in health, housing, education, family support, and criminal justice harm the people and communities we serve. We also understand that “one-size fits all” solutions and strategies will never create the beautiful, fair, and vibrant communities in which we all thrive. To create meaningful change, we must be adaptive and resilient, and  center equity in all that we do.

Our Commitments in Action


Our work to honor diversity, build equity, and foster inclusion is on-going. Be sure to check this page regularly to see where our journey takes us and how we continue to do the work.